Select the drivers in the collection you want to smooth, or select all. Right click collection > Select Objects. Navigate to or open the graph editor, select make sure the graphs of the objects are selected. Graph editor > 'A'. If you used a key-step while recording, resample the curves.. May 29, 2017 · To create the isometric projection, you just have to select any camera in Blender and change their rotation settings to: X: 60. Y: 0. Z: 45. Set that to orthographical: Looking from the top view, that will place the camera in the lower right corner of your scene if you use the default location for the startup scene.. Jun 24, 2009 · Press the up arrow twice to move to frame 21. Insert a keyframe. Press the right arrow 4 times to go to frame 25. Grab the cube and place it on the plane. Insert another keyframe. Press "shift" + the left arrow to go to frame 1. Press "alt" + "a" to play the animation. Press "esc" any time to stop playing the animation.. "/>Blender camera constraints